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LS Media is embracing Sony's latest tech

With the ever evolving landscape of tech within the video production world, LS Media is making a major switch. In the past we have used a variety of camera systems to produce the media our clients have come to love. From the Panasonic GH5 to the Black Magic Ursa Mini Pro, our camera systems have always been more than capable. However, spending money on multiple ecosystems is far from efficient.

Introducing the FX3!

LS Media has made the job to a camera system that combines the compact nature of the GH5 with the bigger sensor of the Ursa Mini. The FX3 is Sony's "do it all" machine that has incredible low light capabilities and features like IBIS (in body image stabilization).

Exploring the Sony FX3: The Ultimate Cinematic Compact Camera

In the world of professional filmmaking and content creation, every piece of equipment plays a crucial role in capturing the perfect shot and telling a compelling story. Sony, a renowned leader in the camera industry, has released its latest innovation, the Sony FX3. This compact yet powerful camera is making waves in the industry, offering filmmakers and content creators a unique blend of performance, versatility, and portability.

The Sony FX3: A Cinematic Marvel

The Sony FX3 is designed to bridge the gap between high-end cinema cameras and compact mirrorless cameras, offering a stunning combination of professional-grade capabilities in a smaller and more manageable form factor. Let's dive into what makes this camera a standout choice for filmmakers and content creators.

Compact Design with Cinematic Excellence

The FX3's design is both sleek and functional, making it a go-to choice for filmmakers who need a camera that can adapt to various shooting environments. It's incredibly lightweight, and its compact form allows for easy maneuvering and shooting in tight spaces. Despite its small size, the camera doesn't compromise on the cinematic quality you'd expect from a larger cinema camera.

Full-Frame Power

At the heart of the Sony FX3 is a full-frame sensor, which ensures breathtaking image quality and exceptional low-light performance. It's capable of capturing rich, detailed footage with a wide dynamic range, making it ideal for both indoor and outdoor shooting. The camera supports a wide range of frame rates, from cinematic 24p to slow-motion sequences, offering creative flexibility to filmmakers.

Advanced Image Stabilization

One of the standout features of the Sony FX3 is its built-in image stabilization system. This 5-axis in-body stabilization technology ensures steady shots even when shooting handheld. It's a game-changer for filmmakers who need to capture smooth, handheld footage without the need for additional stabilization equipment.

Dual Native ISO for Low-Light Prowess

The camera's dual native ISO capability allows for exceptional performance in low-light conditions. Filmmakers can confidently shoot in challenging lighting scenarios while maintaining image quality. This feature is a real asset for documentary filmmakers and those working in unpredictable, real-world shooting environments.

Versatile Lens Mount Options

The FX3 offers compatibility with Sony's E-mount lenses, providing a wide range of choices for filmmakers. It's also designed to support anamorphic lenses, making it suitable for those who seek a unique and cinematic look for their projects.

Professional Audio Capabilities

To complement its impressive video capabilities, the Sony FX3 features professional audio options, including XLR inputs and a built-in microphone. This ensures filmmakers can capture high-quality audio alongside their stunning visuals, reducing the need for additional audio recording equipment.

Intuitive User Experience

Sony has designed the FX3 with an intuitive user interface that caters to both experienced filmmakers and those new to the craft. The camera's touchscreen LCD and customizable buttons provide easy access to essential settings and controls, simplifying the shooting process.

Highly Portable and Streamlined Workflow

With its compact design, the Sony FX3 is an ideal choice for on-the-go filmmaking. Its efficient heat dissipation system allows for extended shooting without overheating concerns. Additionally, it offers various output options, including HDMI and USB-C, for seamless integration into your post-production workflow.


The Sony FX3 is a true game-changer in the world of filmmaking and content creation. Its compact design, full-frame sensor, advanced image stabilization, and professional audio capabilities make it a top choice for professionals and enthusiasts alike. Whether you're shooting a feature film, a documentary, or online content, the Sony FX3 empowers you to unleash your creativity with stunning visuals and audio. It's a testament to Sony's commitment to pushing the boundaries of cinematic technology while keeping the needs of filmmakers in mind.

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