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Supporting Good Morning America

Good Morning America (GMA): Your Daily Dose of News and Entertainment

"Good Morning America" (GMA) is more than just a morning news program; it's a cultural institution that has been a staple of American mornings for over four decades. Airing on the ABC network, GMA is a dynamic blend of news, entertainment, and human interest stories, making it a must-watch for millions of viewers across the nation.

Each weekday morning, GMA takes viewers on a journey through the day's top headlines, ensuring they start their day well-informed. With a talented team of anchors, reporters, and correspondents, GMA delivers breaking news, in-depth interviews, and live reports, keeping audiences abreast of both domestic and international events. But what sets GMA apart is its ability to balance hard news with a healthy dose of entertainment. From celebrity interviews to cooking segments and live performances by top musical artists, the show offers a diverse array of content that appeals to a wide audience. With its engaging and relatable hosts, GMA has become a trusted source of information and a source of positivity to kickstart the day for viewers across the United States. Whether you're looking for the latest headlines or a dose of inspiration, GMA is the morning companion that keeps America informed and entertained.

Coming to Dallas

As part of their 'Deals and Steals' series, the team from GMA teamed up with Mark Cuban to spotlight local businesses and to recognize DFW locals for their accomplishments.

As you can imagine, traveling from New York City to Dallas requires a lot of logistics. To cut down on cost, the producers at GMA reached out to the talent in the Dallas area to help produce the content needed. LS Media was asked to assist and we were happy to help.

It is not every day that we get to assist with such a great team and work with that level of professionalism. We are very thankful that ABC and Good Morning America gave us the chance to contribute.

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